How to Treat a Pool with Green Algae

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How to Treat a Pool with Green Algae: A Comprehensive Guide

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Is your pool looking less inviting and more like a swamp? This article from Riviera Pools of Dallas explains how to treat a pool with green algae effectively.


The appearance of green algae in your swimming pool can be both unsightly and unhealthy, leading many to seek advice on how to treat a pool with green algae. This form of algae is the most common problem that pool owners encounter, and it can quickly turn your pool into a green, murky water body that is unpleasant to swim in. This article aims to guide you through the steps and processes involved in combating green algae effectively.

Identifying Green Algae

Green algae are microscopic plants that proliferate rapidly under certain conditions. Their presence is often indicated by water that has turned green and a slippery feel to pool surfaces. Knowing how to treat a pool with green algae begins with identifying the algae’s presence and understanding the urgency of initiating treatment.

Necessary Supplies

  • Pool net
  • Pool vacuum
  • Pool brush
  • Chlorine tablets or liquid
  • Algaecide
  • Water test kits

Pre-Treatment Assessment and Adjustments

  1. Equipment Check: Ensure your pool’s filtration system is in proper working condition. If you need equipment repair or equipment replacement, take care of this first.
  2. Leak Detection: It’s advisable to conduct a leak detection to rule out water loss, which could affect the balance of pool chemicals.
  3. Plumbing Repair: If you suspect that poor water circulation is a contributing factor, consider opting for plumbing repair.
  4. Pool Automation: For those with automated pool systems, make sure the settings are adjusted to run the pump more frequently during the treatment period.

How to Treat a Pool with Green Algae: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Remove Debris: Use a pool net to remove larger debris like leaves or twigs.
  2. Adjust Chlorine Levels: Shock the pool by adding a high dose of chlorine. This acts as an initial strike against algae, making the environment inhospitable for them.
  3. Brush the Pool: Use a pool brush to scrub all surfaces. This helps to dislodge the algae, making the chlorine more effective.
  4. Vacuum the Pool: Manually vacuum the pool to remove the dislodged algae. If you’re unsure about which pool vacuum to use, Pentair has a range of options suitable for different needs.
  5. Add Algaecide: Apply an algaecide to help kill off any remaining algae. Wait for the specified period as per the product instructions before allowing anyone to swim in the pool.
  6. Test Water Balance: Use a water testing kit to ensure that all the pool’s chemical levels are in balance. This is vital for preventing future algae growth.

Post-Treatment Maintenance

  1. Regular Brushing and Vacuuming: Maintaining cleanliness can prevent algae from gaining a foothold.
  2. Chemical Balance: Regularly test your pool water to ensure that it’s chemically balanced.
  3. Inspect for Cracks: Algae can sometimes find refuge in cracks and structural defects of the pool, so be sure to seal these.


Knowing how to treat a pool with green algae is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy swimming environment. The procedure can be straightforward when approached systematically. Consistent post-treatment maintenance can also significantly reduce the likelihood of future algae outbreaks.

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By following this guide on how to treat a pool with green algae, you are taking a significant step toward keeping your pool crystal clear and algae-free. Remember, the best way to treat algae is to prevent it from appearing in the first place, which can be achieved through regular maintenance and chemical balancing. Happy swimming!

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